About Lani Phillips and Melinda Field

Lani Phillips and Melinda Field are the co-founders of Wise Women Ink.
Now in their 8th year of working side by side, they have
conscientiously decided to become "Book Shepherds" in the hopes
that they can help other women bring their
literary dreams and goals to fruition.

Melinda Field is a poet/playwright/writer, living in the mountains of
far northern California. She is the co-creator and author of
Wisdom of the Crone,Wonder of the Mother and The Journey.
Her novel True will be published this fall. Her work has, and continues to
be empowering and inspiring women around the world.

Lani Phillips is a photographic artist/graphic designer and a domestic violence advocate
who through her photography has captured the emotions and stories of women across
the United States. Championing young women, inspiring them to search
out their paths of passion has been her constant work.

Both Melinda and Lani strive to help women understand the best avenues
in which to bring their projects and visions out into the world. The what, when,
who and where of indie publishing, the right people to contact, without being
wrangled into contracts and situations, the art of avoiding legal nightmares.
Honest information and ideas for women interested in self-publishing.

abundance ~ appreciation ~ acceptance ~ air ~ action ~ authenticity ~ autumn
breakthrough ~ community ~ commitment ~ compassion ~ creativity ~ choice
dignity ~ east ~ endurance ~ empowerment ~ earth ~ fear ~ fire ~ friendship
forgiveness ~ generations ~ grace ~ health ~ immortality ~ insight
journey ~ joy ~ laughter ~ loss ~ love ~ magic ~ mystery ~ night
north ~ passages ~ play ~ risk ~ security ~ sensuality ~ sharing
solitude ~ south ~ spring ~ strength ~ summer
surrender ~ transformation ~ water
west ~ winter ~ wisdom ~ youth
Wisdom Of The Crone Wisdom Of The Crone Website Wonder Of The Mother Wonder Of The Mother Website Three sets of inspirational cards designed to be used on
a daily basis. These cards were created to honor and celebrate
all seasons of a woman's life.Each set contains fifty-four cards
with images of women on the front and words of insight
and wisdom on the back. Now selling around the world, these decks
are bringing light and empowerment into the lives of all the women
whose hands they pass through on a daily basis. These decks are
the perfect gift for any woman, whether she be a young woman,
a busy mother or a seasoned elder.
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The Journey Website

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