True a novel by Melinda Field

"Magnetic characters...A plot that moves forward seamlessly...An arresting portrait of pastoral life."
- Kirkus Indie Review

True Book
When sixteen year old Cat's mother is sent to prison in the fall of 1998, she is forced to leave the streets of Phoenix, Arizona to go live with her grandmother whom she has never met, in a remote mountain valley in Northern California. After a devastating incident, Cat is taken in by nurse/midwife Emma Cassady, and becomes an integral, yet controversial part of her circle of horsewomen friends, Midnight, Lilly, Clare and Briar. Emma's decision to foster the troubled girl, disrupts her serene life, as do her feelings for a man who broke her heart decades ago.

Lilly, blindsided by change, and her fragile sister Clare must deal with their aging mother, Dora, who is leading a secret life at the local nursing home. Midnight, culture keeper for her small tribe is forced to face the truth abouther only son; while Briar, a fearless horsewoman and trainer becomes the circle's greatest teacher. Over the course of a year, these authentic women and their ties to their families, animals, their pristine wild environment and each other, inspire an unforgettable story that will be passed from friend to friend and mother to daughter.

"The beautiful and the terrible are magically united by "True's" honest wisdom. "
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Melinda Field"Melinda Field, a life-long equestrian, gives us a unique experience with True. This endearing story exudes the essence of Horse. We meet the Hidden Horse Sisterhood and become aware of a subtle momentum of 'horse time' and the wisdom of nature as balancers right along with the characters. Heartwarming, gripping, sensual, and surprising – True is a great read!" Barbara J. Semple, Best selling author of Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence
for Healing Body and Soul

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